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YouSendIt, Inc.

YouSendIt is the trusted global leader in digital content delivery. Our innovative platform empowers people to send, receive and track digital files on-demand. YouSendIt's reliable service provides a convenient email attachment solution, an easy-to-use FTP replacement, and eliminates the need to send files on disk with an overnight courier service. Tens of thousands of companies have incorporated YouSendIt as a mission-critical platform that offers a trusted, convenient service for their entire organization. With more than four million registered users from 220 countries, YouSendIt transfers over 30,000 GB per day and over 500 million files to date. The YouSendIt email attachment solution frees your company from the frustrations of current email attachment limitations and provides convenient delivery of your PowerPoint presentations, Photoshop files, mp3's and more. YouSendIt's file tracking and notification services offer assurance that your important files are securely sent and received. YouSendIt can be deployed conveniently throughout your organization with the Microsoft Outlook plug-in and the YouSendIt desktop application.
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YouSendIt, Inc.
Phone :
(408) 879-9118

Address :
1919 S.Bascom Ave.
3rd Floor
Campbell, CA 95008

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