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Published By: Dell EMC     Published Date: Nov 05, 2015
IT organizations are aggressively virtualizing their data centers, creating private cloud environments that help them reduce capital infrastructure and data center costs, improve security, and simplify management. However, potential hurdles, if left unaddressed, can get in the way of fully benefiting from a private cloud. Download this summary to learn more.
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Dell EMC
Published By: Red Hat APAC     Published Date: Apr 06, 2020
Communications service providers (CSPs) are engaged in a strategic evolution of their infrastructures. Findings from ACG Research indicate that distributed virtual infrastructures for CSPs will benefit materially from the use of elastic, horizontal cloud designs. Key insights include: • Virtualized system infrastructures will be increasingly critical in CSPs' deployments from core to edge as mobile networks grow and 5G implementations begin. • Horizontally integrated telco clouds enable a 30% lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than silo-based deployments in 4G core applications. • Centralized virtualized radio access network (vRAN) architectures enable up to 44% lower TCO than conventional distributed RANs. • Compared with do-it-yourself approaches, Red Hat's supported open source solutions for telco cloud deployments have shown improved TCO advantages of up to 35%. • Next-generation 5G will rely on virtualized cloud-native distributed infrastructures using containerized networking ap
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Red Hat APAC
Published By: Red Hat APAC     Published Date: Apr 08, 2020
Are operators virtualizing their RAN? When, and with what goals in mind? Heavy Reading surveyed over 80 global operators to gain their perspective on deploying virtualized RAN solutions. In this webinar we share the results of that survey, sponsored by Red Hat. We focus on vRAN deployment opportunities and challenges; how existing 4G RAN infrastructure and planned 5G implementations influence deployment, and how emerging container and cloud native technologies impact vRAN plans. We also examine how the operators' desire to avoid vendor lock-in may require evolving platform solutions to simplify managing and integrating multi-vendor VNFs in an NFV environment.
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Red Hat APAC
Published By: Kaspersky     Published Date: Apr 06, 2020
The paradigm of building corporate data centers has changed significantly and is increasingly software-defined. Concepts related to virtualizing computing resources that have been successfully used over a number of years have also found applications in other industries – one example is the virtualization of the network infrastructure. Virtualization technologies have long since become a corporate standard (according to 2016 statistics, virtualization technology penetration reaches 75% in the corporate segment). The goal of this transition is to bring the management of a corporate data center to a level where it is driven by business processes rather than the infrastructure. Naturally, all these changes require a review of protection policies for corporate data centers – it is essential to update such policies when upgrading data center technologies. If IT security cannot keep up with infrastructure changes or is unable to adapt to these changes quickly, you should think about replacing
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Published By: IBM     Published Date: Jun 16, 2015
An IBM white paper describing the infrastructure implications of today’s converging technology forces and the software defined, next-generation data center transformation vital to capitalizing on them.
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Published By: Schneider Electric     Published Date: Jun 04, 2015
This paper shows how virtualizing a data center’s IT resources can have certain consequences related to the physical infrastructure.
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virtualisation, data center, cloud computing, cooling and management, cooling, power and cooling
Schneider Electric
Published By: Citrix     Published Date: Jan 20, 2009
With server virtualization now well established in the world's datacenters, IT leaders are turning their attention to virtualizing and centralizing desktop PCs to address some of their toughest computing challenges: . Managing complex end-user hardware and software infrastructure . Securing networks and information assets . Supporting a global workforce in an environment of constant change
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citrix, virtualization, desktop virtualization, blade pc, on demand, hdx, xendesktop, sla, service level agreement, scalable, streamline, tco, view composer, virtual machine, total cost of ownership, hyper-v, microsoft, datacenter, server virtualization, servers
Published By: HP     Published Date: Aug 22, 2008
Enterprise Strategy Group analysts Mark Bowker and Mark Peters will share the business drivers and benefits for virtualizing both servers and storage. You'll gain an understanding of IT infrastructure virtualization in order to evaluate the operational benefits it could provide. You'll also learn what steps to take to assess your IT environment to quantify the benefits of virtualization.
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hp 4400, hp 4000, eva 4400, eva4400, virtual, virtualization, infrastructure
Published By: HP     Published Date: Mar 15, 2013
This white paper shares the latest findings and most useful recommendations for virtualizing your organization's workloads. Learn how to develop a strategy that simplifies your IT infrastructure as you move to a virtual environment and more.
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hp newsletter, infrastructure, virtualization, gartner research, hewlett packard, it management, data management, business technology, data center

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