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Published By: Naviga Global - 1H 2020 - Q1-20     Published Date: Jan 13, 2020
"In today's digital world, the process of selling ads and managing the operations of those sales has grown more complex. Advertisers require the ability to place ads on both print and digital vehicles, and ads are being viewed across multiple types of connected devices. But many publishers struggle with siloed systems and legacy technologies that are preventing collaboration and productivity among teams, as well as hindering sales. So how can publishers leverage their tech stack in order to excel in this rapidly changing, modern marketplace? Read this paper to learn: ? Why traditional datacenter infrastructure and technologies are creating inefficiencies and limiting sales potential ? How cloud-based, integrated ad platforms are transforming the sales cycle and streamlining operations ? Key capabilities you should look for in any digital platform selection Read the paper today!"
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Naviga Global - 1H 2020 - Q1-20
Published By: Oracle     Published Date: Mar 18, 2014
Much as a journalist is expected to report on the who, what, when, etc. when filing their story, professional business-to-business (B2B) sales reps are more likely to open doors, nurture opportunities, and close deals when they know more about their prospect or customer. Sales Intelligence, as a broad category of tools and services within the Sales Effectiveness space, represents a significant opportunity for all varieties of sales-oriented job roles to better understand their buyer both before and during the traditional and non-traditional sales cycle. This Research Brief summarizes initial Aberdeen research findings based on recent sales intelligence data collected from 206 survey respondents, and provides specific guidance regarding best practices and technologies that sales leaders and sales operations practitioners are well-advised to adopt.
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oracle, b2b, sales intelligence, sales effectiveness, traditional sales cycle, non traditional sales cycle, sales operations, sales research

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