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Published By: Healthgrades     Published Date: Jan 22, 2020
19.7 million clinically inappropriate network referrals occurring each year, contradictions in referral behavior remain a concern. Further, even clinically appropriate referrals can be directed out-of-network for a variety of reasons. 87% of healthcare executives say patient leakage is extremely or very important to their organization. Strong physician relationships, supported by successful physician relationship outreach efforts and campaigns, can help keep patients within a network for better care coordination, and keep significant revenue within the hospital or health system. The infographic pinpoints shortcomings of the current healthcare referral system and highlights opportunities to solve these obstacles.
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Published By: IBM Watson Health     Published Date: Nov 20, 2017
Strong patient engagement leads to improved population health, a better experience of care, and lower healthcare costs. Even so, few healthcare organizations have a well-defined patient engagement strategy, according to research by IBM Watson Health. Read this whitepaper and learn why healthcare organizations should create a comprehensive patient engagement strategy, what each component of such a strategy entails and how to take the steps required to build an effective patient engagement program. From patient portals, telemedicine, and mobile health, to data sharing, automation tools and cognitive computing, you’ll gain the ability to leverage valuable tools for increasing patients’ involvement in their own health outcomes.
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