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Published By: QlikTech UK     Published Date: Nov 24, 2015
Organizations are, or will soon be, producing petabytes – thousands of terabytes or millions of gigabytes – of valuable data. But the ability to transform these massive data sets into actionable insights requires business intelligence (BI) and analytics tools that can uncover the hidden relationships among varied sources of information, provide rich visualizations of trends and don’t require end-users to be trained data scientists.
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QlikTech UK
Published By: HERE Technologies     Published Date: Jan 14, 2020
It’s time to move your supply chain into the realm of super-intelligent. This special report is for anyone looking to enhance their supply chain operations by utilizing the latest in technological advances such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and the Internet of Things (IoT). With smart use of these tools, businesses can anticipate problems and develop solutions before they occur. Forward-thinking leaders are using this disruption to optimize their supply chains and push the quality of their findings to a whole new level. In it, you’ll learn: • The markers of a truly cognitive supply chain • The crucial role of location intelligence in supply chain optimization • The impact increased visibility has on every area of your supply chain, including asset, inventory, fleet and energy management
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HERE Technologies
Published By: HERE Technologies     Published Date: Jan 14, 2020
Misplacing sizable, expensive tooling equipment inside large industrial complexes, factories and warehouses is a problem that doesn't get the attention it deserves. When essential inventory gets lost, whole production lines can grind to a halt. Indoor tracking is the optimal way to keep tabs on all mobile equipment around the factory floor. As one of the world's leading location platforms, HERE shares insights and solutions for implementing indoor tracking in a way that can streamline and optimize production processes. Read the eBook to discover how to: • Locate inventory and assets quickly to lower downtime and improve job satisfaction • Save money spent on replacing lost tools and wasted employee time • Use insights into asset utilization for forecasting or maintenance schedules.
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HERE Technologies
Published By: Google     Published Date: Feb 11, 2020
A well-executed digital transformation plan should do much more than keep you competitive. It should position your IT staff to focus on innovation and high-impact projects. It should also allow you to leverage cloud-native tools to achieve enhanced business intelligence and key strategic insights. Reap the benefits of digital transformation with practical, prescriptive approaches. Download the Google Whitepaper.
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Published By: HashiCorp Q1-20     Published Date: Jan 17, 2020
To thrive in an era of multi-cloud architecture, driven by digital transformation, Enterprise IT must evolve from ITIL-based gatekeeping to enabling shared self-service processes for DevOps excellence. For most enterprises, the goals of digital transformation efforts mean delivering new business and customer value more quickly, and at a very large scale. The implication for Enterprise IT then is a shift from cost optimization to speed optimization. The cloud is an inevitable part of this shift as it presents the opportunity to rapidly deploy on-demand services with limitless scale. To unlock the fastest path to value of the cloud, enterprises must consider how to industrialize the application delivery process across each layer of the cloud: embracing the cloud operating model, and tuning people, process, and tools to it. In this white paper, we look at the implications of the cloud operating model, and present solutions for IT teams to adopt this model across infrastructure, security,
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HashiCorp Q1-20
Published By: Schneider Electric     Published Date: Feb 13, 2020
It is fair to say that Edge computing is becoming a new norm alongside the traditional centralized data center. “Edge computing delivers the decentralized complement to today’s hyperscale cloud and legacy data centers.” Gartner - The Edge Completes the Cloud: A Gartner Trend Insight Report, 14 September 2018. As the Edge moves from a buzzword to a tangible computing ecosystem that needs resources, tools, and love, more and more questions around monitoring and management of distributed IT equipment arise. While familiar with critical facility management, many of the IT, facilities and data center managers with whom we speak are still figuring out how they will manage remote, increasingly critical, edge computing environments. • “Do we need a new tool to manage our edge infrastructure, or can we make do with what we already have?” • “If we do need a tool, which one?” • “And how to choose the right one?”
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Schneider Electric
Published By: Ricoh US     Published Date: Jan 29, 2020
The first thing most people probably think about when they hear the word “connect” is their smartphone. This is for good reason, considering more than 5 billion people in the world have mobile devices1, and the average American spends over four hours each day connecting with other people through a mobile device2. But as fast and responsive and sleek as they have become, the devices themselves aren’t what keep us enraptured. Smartphones are tools. They’re a conduit to virtually anything you could want to watch, read, listen to, play or learn about. That’s what we really find so indispensable; unfettered access to entertainment, communication, information.
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Ricoh US
Published By: Hitachi Vantara     Published Date: Jan 28, 2020
To remain competitive, organizations need an IT infrastructure that is agile and protected to meet their ever-changing needs, while also leveraging their most valuable asset—their data. Many organizations have a variety of siloed tools (server tools, virtual machine tools, event monitoring tools, etc.) along with networks and storage. How does IT look across their application's data path and determine whether it's optimized? These scenarios are driving the need for intelligent operations that leverage emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), to help IT administrators more efficiently do their jobs. Read this ESG whitepaper to learn how investing in AI and ML can help improve operational efficiency and get the most value out of corporate data.
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Hitachi Vantara
Published By: Oracle     Published Date: Feb 06, 2020
What role does the CFO play in the organisation? The role is undergoing perhaps its greatest change in recent history with fundamental changes in how the CFO must now operate in order to be considered effective. Operating as a highly effective CFO requires a more business-wide leadership role. In addition to maintaining a set of basic habits that make them and their organisations far more adaptable to the pace of digital disruption, the CFO must also add new tools to their belt. To find out more download this report today.
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Published By: Jamf     Published Date: Oct 18, 2019
Today’s students are accustomed to leveraging technology as part of their education. For in-class learning at K-12 environments, many are offering 1-to-1 iPad programs. While some universities are moving towards a 1-to-1 iPad model, such as The Ohio State University, many others are relying on computer labs to offer the technical tools students need. In order to set these young adults up for professional success, higher education institutions need to equip students with secure technology and a customized experience when they sit down at any computer in the lab. Labs are a cost-effective and efficient way to ensure students have access to a computer with the apps they need to be successful, saving students the cost of purchasing computer hardware and software. Labs ensure digital equity for students who would not otherwise be able to afford these luxuries. And, many university computer labs are Mac labs. Mac has a longer shelf life than PC, countless educational apps and students simply
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Published By: LeadSpace     Published Date: Feb 03, 2020
B2B Marketing and Sales leaders are constantly looking for the next innovative method to give them a competitive edge—particularly in driving revenue for their business. One such method that’s become increasingly popular over the last few years is intent data. But, like many B2B crazes, most of the very people who could benefit most from intent data don’t understand what it is, how it works, or where it fits in their demand gen strategy. Intent data can be a powerful tool in helping Sales and Marketing understand who’s most likely ready to buy. But as with many martech tools, intent data works best in certain specific contexts, and less so in others. Only by understanding both the power and limits of intent data can you be sure you’re getting real value, and not falling victim to “shiny marketing object syndrome.”
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Published By: DRIP     Published Date: Jan 10, 2020
When you’re hunting for a high-performing marketing platform, it’s time to take an honest look at your goals and needs. Which tools have the brains and the brawn to make you more money? And which will you actually enjoy using? You shouldn’t take this decision lightly—but it also shouldn’t keep you up at night. So, we whipped up this list of nine must-have qualities to help you make the best choice for your needs.
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Published By: Infosys Finacle     Published Date: Jan 30, 2020
Gartner defines a core banking system (CBS) as a back-end system that processes daily banking transactions and posts updates to accounts and other financial records. CBSs typically include deposit, loan and credit processing capabilities, with interfaces to general ledger systems and reporting tools. This Magic Quadrant assesses CBS vendors based on the multicurrency products they offer in support of a bank’s financial transaction management in the retail banking market. Gartner has chosen to keep the scope of this year’s Magic Quadrant consistent with those of previous years that are based on the global and retail focus of the software, although selecting criteria have become more restrictive. For this reason, we’ve excluded Islamic banking vendors — many of which don’t support standard retail banking capabilities — and other vendors whose offerings don’t meet Gartner’s established criteria.
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Infosys Finacle
Published By: NEC     Published Date: Aug 25, 2009
This is a case study which shows how Voorhees College implemented a revolutionary communications solution based around a service-orientated Unified Communications architecture from NEC to provide students, faculty and staff in five locations with software-based voice and desktop communications tools to achieve a 40 percent savings over its previous traditional telephony solution.
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voorhees, nec, desktop communications, communications, service orientated, widearea network, wan, unified communications architecture, tco, soa
Published By: Ounce Labs, an IBM Company     Published Date: Jan 26, 2010
A range of application security tools was developed to support the efforts to secure the enterprise from the threat posed by insecure applications. But in the ever-changing landscape of application security, how does an organization choose the right set of tools to mitigate the risks their applications pose to their environment? Equally important, how, when, and by whom are these tools used most effectively?
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owasp, ounce wagner, csrf, xss, cross-site scripting, sql, security management strategy, source code analysis, web application firewalls, web application scanner
Ounce Labs, an IBM Company
Published By: SAP     Published Date: Jun 18, 2011
To stay ahead of the competition in a global marketplace, firms are increasingly speeding up operations, in many cases adopting real-time systems and tools to allow for instant decision-making and faster business cycles. Download here to learn how.
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real-time business analytics, faster decision making, business automation, business metrics, analytical data, sap
Published By: ASG Software Solutions     Published Date: Apr 07, 2009
Application Portfolio Optimization (APO) provides executives with tools and information to assess the quality and condition of application assets as well as a means for understanding the impact of proposed application changes.
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asg, cmdb, bsm, itil, bsm, portfolio optimization, apo, mining tools, metacmdb, configuration management, metadata, metacmdb, lob, sdm, service dependency mapping, ecommerce, bpm, workflow, itsm, critical application
ASG Software Solutions
Published By: ASG Software Solutions     Published Date: Nov 05, 2009
Effective workload automation that provides complete management level visibility into real-time events impacting the delivery of IT services is needed by the data center more than ever before. The traditional job scheduling approach, with an uncoordinated set of tools that often requires reactive manual intervention to minimize service disruptions, is failing more than ever due to todays complex world of IT with its multiple platforms, applications and virtualized resources.
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asg, cmdb, bsm, itil, bsm, metacmdb, workload automation, wla, visibility, configuration management, metadata, metacmdb, lob, sdm, service dependency mapping, ecommerce, bpm, workflow, itsm, critical application
ASG Software Solutions
Published By: ASG Software Solutions     Published Date: Apr 20, 2010
This paper can help you achieve successful legacy modernization projects. It presents practical steps for starting application modernization projects and describes the benefits of three high payback strategies. It also reviews the criteria for evaluating a variety of modernization tools.
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asg, application modernization, clarity consulting, apo, application performance optimization, business intelligence
ASG Software Solutions
Published By: VanillaSoft     Published Date: Sep 08, 2010
VanillaSoft is used by thousands who need robust lead management software with CRM functionality but also need to power their inside sales reps and drive productivity by deploying best in class productivity tools.
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Published By:     Published Date: Nov 03, 2011
Online project and document management software with virtual office tools to manage & share documents, files, folders, tasks and calendars.
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Published By: e-SignLive     Published Date: Oct 11, 2013
While we tend to think about mobility largely as a consumer phenomenon, it is also changing how the workforce carries out business. With so much being done beyond traditional office walls, many insurance companies, financial service organizations and even government agencies are adopting mobile tablets and smartphones as productivity tools for agents, representatives and personnel, and developing enterprise apps for these devices.
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ipad, mobility, apple, e-signatures, esign
Published By: Pitney Bowes     Published Date: Dec 11, 2008
This White Paper, sponsored by Pitney Bowes Marketing Solutions, a leading provider of web-based co-op marketing tools, examines the trends and challenges faced by companies looking to achieve more business growth from their trade marketing efforts.
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pitney bowes, co-op marketing tools, trade marketing, program controls, marketing funds management, market development funds, business development funds
Pitney Bowes
Published By: Cisco EMEA     Published Date: Oct 01, 2019
Small businesses are the backbone of every country’s workforce and arguably the hardest working. They create the most jobs and deliver growth – usually without the tools, resources, and support that larger enterprises take for granted – particularly in their use of technology
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Cisco EMEA
Published By: Cisco     Published Date: Dec 20, 2018
Knowledge workers today have a rich portfolio of team collaboration tools to help them get their jobs done, starting with email and encompassing texting, file sharing, online chat and message boards, social media and video conferencing. Yet collaboration across these tools can be a frustrating experience, due to the complexity of the technology and lack of integration. The good news: the application of emerging technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) enables more people to connect when and how they need to. And that makes for more productive teams.
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