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Published By: Attachmate     Published Date: Mar 20, 2013
Quickly and efficiently package your applications into any format for any device. Deliver enterprise applications wherever and whenever users need them. With Verastream.
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soa project, mobile now, mobilenow, screen scraping, terminal emulation iphone, terminal emulation ipad, networking, security
Published By: Jamf     Published Date: Nov 05, 2018
There are no signs of Apple device growth slowing down in the enterprise. In fact, 3 out of 4 employees now choose an iPhone or iPad for their mobile device. Our guideon the basics of device management will help you enhance iPhone, iPad and iOS management skills by providing you with: • An introduction to iPhone, iPad and iOS management • Explanation of Apple services and programs available • Outline of lifecycle management stages • Insight for infrastructure planning • Overview of the industry-leading Apple management solution
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Published By: CA Technologies EMEA     Published Date: Oct 19, 2017
En 2007, l’iPhone™ d’Apple™ révolutionne le monde de l’informatique, mais c’est bien l’ouverture de l’App Store™ en 2008 qui marque l’avènement d’une nouvelle ère dans le commerce mobile. L’App Store™, mais aussi Google Play™, permettent alors aux entreprises de fournir des informations et des services via un canal de consommation nouveau, intime et extraordinaire.
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CA Technologies EMEA
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