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Published By: Hewlett Packard Enterprise     Published Date: Mar 18, 2020
That’s right – Aruba is named a leader in wireless! Our wireless solutions are not only high-performing, but also provide visibility into people and assets, enhanced location services, and IoT connectivity. We believe that unique and powerful combination was key to Aruba being named the Leader in the Forrester New Wave™: Wireless Solutions, Q3 2019 report. What Forrester Says About Aruba According to the report, “customers praised Aruba Networks’ rich management interfaces, monitoring tools, and location services, especially the ability to connect IoT devices using wireless options outside of just using Wi-Fi with Aruba’s access points (APs).” Aruba received the highest possible score on these criteria and more: • Wireless connectivity options • Wireless hardware options • Security
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Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Published By: Comcast Business     Published Date: Mar 24, 2015
Today’s K-12 schools are hungry for bandwidth. The reason is clear: highperforming, reliable and easily expanded network services support the latest classroom innovations, including videoconferencing, 1:1 computing, distance learning and modern learning management systems. It’s no surprise then that progressive educators now see a direct link between the overall success of their school districts and access to high-capacity networks. This emerged as a clear trend in new research by the Center for Digital Education (CDE) — a commanding 98 percent of administrators and IT representatives said the future of K-12 education hinges on ubiquitous connectivity. This white paper lays a framework for planning and implementing high-performance networks. In addition to explaining why now’s the time to plan network upgrades, this paper answers one of the fundamental questions asked by IT managers at schools everywhere: “How much network capacity will we actually need?”
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education, network modernization, high-performance networks, bandwith, classroom innovations, networking, it management
Comcast Business
Published By: Nokia     Published Date: Mar 20, 2020
The adoption of Industry 4.0 digital technologies, such as IoT, AI, machine learning and data analytics are expected to revolutionize the operations of airports, introducing greater automation, improved processes, better tracking and handling of everything from aircraft to baggage — all with the goal of improving the passenger experience. Essential to this digital transformation will be high performing, secure and very reliable wireless communications. Neither the Wi-Fi networks currently in operation in most airports nor the public mobile networks that serve them have what is required to support the most ambitious digital transformation of the airport. In this paper, we examine the goals of this transformation, the key requirements that will have to be met, and the strengths and weaknesses of the various wireless technologies available today — keeping in mind what is coming in the future, as well. We argue that airports have to think in terms of a purpose-built private wireless netw
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Published By: VSS Monitoring     Published Date: Apr 01, 2015
In May 2014 VSS Monitoring announced a significant expansion of its solution portfolio for providing packet visibility into high-speed 40G and 100G enterprise and service provider networks. With the release of the vBroker 6000 and vBroker 520, the company took aggressive and definitive steps to deliver high-performing solutions for high-density carrier and cloud infrastructure deployments and 100G transitions, allowing IT organizations to maintain operations monitoring and security integrity throughout upgrades to and new deployments of extreme high-speed networks.
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ema, vss, 100g, visibility solutions, nvc, npb, it management
VSS Monitoring
Published By: Oracle     Published Date: Jul 05, 2017
Your company’s website is up. Servers are churning transactions. The network is pumping data. Life is good. But everything in IT can change quickly. Today’s slightly sluggish network could become tomorrow’s downtime disaster. No matter what challenge may arise, you don’t get extra time, staff, or budget to deal with it. Plus, since the whole company relies on IT, everyone notices when you’re underwater.
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revenue loss, tarnish brand, consumer confidence, dns services, high performing networks, workflow, dns

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