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Published By: IBM     Published Date: Dec 03, 2015
This paper outlines how to enhance disaster recovery testing with a structured approach to validating full business recoverability in the event of an outage.
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ibm, resiliency program, functional validation, disaster recovery, security, data management, business technology
Published By: Iron Speed     Published Date: Aug 21, 2009
See how Iron Speed Designer builds database forms, and reporting applications for .NET without hand-coding. Quickly create feature-complete custom applications that integrate Web pages, controls, data access, validation and security.
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.net, software development, reporting, application development, ironspeed, iron speed, report design, custom applications
Iron Speed
Published By: Lionbridge     Published Date: Nov 19, 2009
How Quality can Accelerate "Speed-to-Market". Read this white paper to find out more.
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lionbridge, mobile software testing, quality assurance process, test automation, speed-to-market in mobile software, build validation, unit testing, mobility industry
Published By: Fortinet     Published Date: Mar 10, 2020
ďDigital transformation has led to the need to protect data categories, sources, and endpoints that simply didnít exist ten years ago. Companies are addressing this risk by adding security and monitoring solutions to their SD-WAN environments, increasing cost and complexity. Fortinetís FortiGate is a unified offering that combines next-generation firewall (NGFW) security, SD-WAN, advanced routing, and WAN optimization capabilities. This single box solution builds on the benefits of SD-WAN by providing powerful, yet easy to use, protection from threats while enabling a level of visibility and management that cannot be delivered by point solutions aimed at solving a single need. For this validation, ESG analysts leveraged their experience with and research into existing case studies, along with interviews with customers who detailed their improved experiences planning, deploying, and maintaining FortiGate environments compared with previously deployed WAN and SD-WAN solutions. The foc
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