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Published By: Znode     Published Date: Jan 10, 2011
Using a Multi-Store Ecommerce Strategy to Significantly Increase Customer Acquisition. As Ecommerce becomes a leading strategy for businesses, online retailers are presented with a challenge: how to increase sales by personalizing the customer shopping experience and strengthening the brand. The solution is to develop a multi-store strategy that "divides and conquers" this challenge. Retailers can develop several online stores that cater to distinct customer demographics, optimize separate checkout flows based on product, or improve conversion rates in marketing campaigns.
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znode, marketing, ecommerce, online distribution, retail, development, integration, erp
Published By: Adobe     Published Date: Jan 27, 2020
The goal of this asset is to give readers guided steps, advice, examples, and considerations for delivering connected advertising experiences. In other words, intelligent campaigns that include cross-or multichannel-aware ads. We have a growing supply of content for our audience about creating omnichannel advertising using analytics, audience data, and creative capabilities in order to build a brand and acquire customers.These assets can be now consolidated and better presented within a new content experience. Key audience needs:-Grow the business through cost-effective advertising campaigns -Objectives may be brand awareness, engagement or performance (customer acquisition) The audience is aiming to reach their target audiences with consistency, efficiency; lower cost per touch point. They care about ad creative, optimal media mix, audience insights, conversion, and attribution. They need to collaborate with agencies, tech providers and media sellers effectively for campaigns. They mu
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Published By: Ensight     Published Date: Dec 03, 2008
The online advertising industry is a billion-pound industry1, with hundreds of millions spent on online acquisition campaigns alone; from Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising on search engines like Google and Yahoo!, to banner ads, email campaigns, organic search, blogging and web PR.
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ensight, emarketing campaigns, online advertising, acquisition campaigns, ecrm
Published By: SAS     Published Date: Mar 14, 2014
Fan loyalty is everything in the sports business. So when Major League Soccer (MLS), the top flight pro soccer league in the US and Canada, wanted to deepen customer engagement, it turned to SASŪ Marketing Automation to get a better understanding of its fans.
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sas, customer engagement, data acquisition, monetization, measurement and tracking, mls, major league soccer, database

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