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Future of Work

White Paper Published By: Dell APAC - EMC
Published:  Mar 04, 2020
Type:  White Paper
Length:  18 pages

Emerging technologies will revolutionize work and create new ways to prepare and connect people to more rewarding careers. This report by the Institute of the Future, in partnership with Dell Technologies and Intel, explores how these technologies are poised to intersect with evolving social and economic forces that will define the future of work in 2030.

Three technology-led key shifts will shape work by 2030. More equitable workplaces will emerge relying on technologies like artificial intelligence to evaluate candidates based on their capabilities, rather than gender, age or class. Real-time and immersive collaboration will empower workers across the world. Finally, a deep understanding of AI will unlock human potential and set workers apart. Yet the opportunity is not a forgone conclusion with several challenges to be overcome.

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