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Location data strategies to improve customer experiences

White Paper Published By: HERE Technologies
HERE Technologies
Published:  Jan 31, 2020
Type:  White Paper
Length:  12 pages

White paperbased on a recent MarTech webinar sponsored by HERE Technologies

It’s no secret that consumers are more likely to buy from a company offering personalized experiences. Yet many digital marketers still don’t understand how to use location data to deliver relevant offers.POI data and historic foot traffic patterns can provide deeper insights around audiences and markets.

Download the white paper to find out how location-powered innovation throughout the whole customer journey – from the seeing a personalized ad to seamlessly ordering the item online and conveniently picking it up at the nearest brick-and-mortar store location – results in a remarkable customer experience that boosts brand loyalty.

Read this white paper to learn:

  • how to innovate around location insights to create personalized experiences.
  • how refined segmentation techniques can reduce waste and improve campaign ROI
  • how to increase customer engagement by analyzing customer behavior
  • howadsquare used HERE location data to “hijack”competitors’ customers and drive foot trafficto Subway stores
  • howGlympse, improves the customer journey with real-time visibility and arrival notifications for delivery

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