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Retail Voices

White Paper Published By: Rackspace - Google Cloud
Rackspace - Google Cloud
Published:  Nov 20, 2019
Type:  White Paper
Length:  24 pages

The retail sector is increasingly difficult and volatile. Enterprises must adopt easily available technology to liberate themselves from the daily grind and better focus on achieving their core business objectives. To be cost-effective in doing this, retailers turn to Google Cloud Platform, the most affordable, reliable, innovative and intuitive cloud platform in the world, to drive operational agility and optimization of application performance.

As the first managed services partner for Google Cloud Platform, and Google Cloud’s 2018 Global Migration Partner of the Year, Rackspace is helping retailers everywhere to accelerate innovation and cost savings, by taking over their intensive, day-to-day operations of the cloud.

This e-book looks at how different retail brands work with Rackspace to ensure smooth and easy migration and operation on Google Cloud, as well as to gain added value from Rackspace’s depth of knowledge and best practices to effectively tap Google Cloud Platform tools. The resulting customized benefits include the building of an experience-focused shopping environment to analyze data and apply resources, create target shopper outcomes, perform real risk assessments, and instrument, monitor and automate.

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