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Cloud Performance Analysis Report

White Paper Published By: DigitalOcean, LLC
DigitalOcean, LLC
Published:  Nov 04, 2019
Type:  White Paper
Length:  22 pages

DigitalOcean commissioned Cloud Spectator to evaluate the performance of virtual machines (VMs) from three different Cloud Service Providers (CSPs): Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine and DigitalOcean. Cloud Spectator tested the various VMs to evaluate the CPU performance, Random Access Memory (RAM) and storage read and write performance of each providerís VMs. The purpose of the study was to understand Cloud service performance among major Cloud providers with similarly-sized VMs using a standardized, repeatable testing methodology. Based on the analysis, DigitalOceanís VM performance was superior in nearly all measured VM performance dimensions, and DigitalOcean provides some of the most compelling performance per dollar available in the industry.

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