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4 FM Leaks that Wreak Havoc

White Paper Published By: Corrigo
Published:  Nov 01, 2019
Type:  White Paper
Length:  4 pages

PropTech is disrupting the facilities management and real estate industries – from big data and IoT to artificial intelligence and augmented reality. The latest advances in PropTech are accelerating change in facilities management like never before, driving bottom line value and helping future-proof FM operations. The promise of PropTech is why our Corrigo team is investing so heavily in frictionless, self-learning platforms to help our clients use technology to truly transform their businesses.

But as we amplify FM ops with new technology, we are just as passionate about helping our clients optimize their current processes. Why? Because making even small changes today can mean huge savings for their bottom line. In fact, 80% of organizations are leaking more FM value right now than they could immediately gain with new, emerging tech strategies.

That’s no small leak – it’s a staggering loss for organizations of all sizes. After analyzing 700 million facilities management transactions across thousands of organizations, we found four major, fixable leaks. Not only do they drag and disrupt operations, but the average value companies can capture from fixing these leaks can be worth up to 5 – 10x more than the value of adopting the latest technology.

Disruption and innovation is the new normal. But you can still pursue PropTech innovation AND keep value from walking out your back door at the same time

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