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ESG Economic Validation Report: Analyzing the Benefits of Gigamon

White Paper Published By: Gigamon APAC
Gigamon APAC
Published:  Sep 03, 2019
Type:  White Paper
Length:  7 pages

Dataflow is increasing at a rate unseen in history. Network managers are tasked with enabling massive quantities of new data in a secure and highly available fashion, all while facilitating access to new types of form factors and data stores. This challenge is often met with layers of networking hardware and tools resulting in a complex mess, or even worse, a culture of network protectionism that inhibits business innovation.

Gigamon has developed a platform that provides granular visibility into network traffic while reducing the server overhead needed to monitor, filter, and secure data. The Gigamon platform—a software solution deployed in the cloud, on VMs, or appliances— provides application intelligence and network traffic visibility to dataflows of all speeds. The result is a network visibility infrastructure that enables secure business, allows companies to welcome new ideas, and facilitates growth.

ESG’s Economic Validation found that customers deploying Gigamon recognized substantial benefits including reduced hardware costs, reduction in time needed to analyze traffic for security, reduction in overall complexity, and improved business enablement. Customers looking to better manage and secure network traffic should consider deploying the Gigamon platform.

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