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Reduce Phishing Risk in Minutes with Umbrella and Duo

Webinar Published By: Cisco Umbrella EMEA
Cisco Umbrella EMEA
Published:  Jan 24, 2020
Type:  Webinar

Cloud applications provide scale and cost benefits over legacy on-premises solutions. With more users going direct-to-internet from any device, the risk increases when users bypass security controls. We can help you reduce this risk across all of your cloud and on-premises applications with a zero-trust strategy that validates devices and domains, not just user credentials.

See why thousands of customers rely on Duo and Cisco Umbrella to reduce the risks of data breaches and improve security. Donít miss this best-practices discussion focused on the key role DNS and access control play in your zero-trust security strategy.

Attendees will learn how to:

? Reduce the risk of phishing attacks and compromised credentials

? Improve speed-to-security across all your cloud applications

? Extend security on and off-network without sacrificing usability

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