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Top Research For CIOs: Security

White Paper Published By: Masergy
Published:  Aug 01, 2019
Type:  White Paper
Length:  8 pages

Security no longer lives exclusively in the IT department. Now, thanks to ever-escalating attacks, boards and C-suites have become all too familiar with the risks of breaches, and they demand frequent updates on security posture. This Forrester research summary gives CIOs insight into the trends, key issues, and opportunities to improve how security is managed regardless of whether you own the security function.

  • Explore the top three cybersecurity threats and the major causes of breaches

  • Learn about security spending trends and how much to spend on security

  • Get a unified way to plan, sequence and explain the value of security investments to your board of directors

  • Discover why Zero Trust is an increasingly critical model for security

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