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Building Connected Organizations

White Paper Published By: Workplace by Facebook
Workplace by Facebook
Published:  Jun 17, 2019
Type:  White Paper
Length:  14 pages

To meet the work challenges of the future, business leaders need to create resiliency by connecting their employee

But they also need to make sure those employees are bought into the strategy. That’s why the IC department has a huge role to play. 

Workplace connects everyone in an organization using familiar tools like instant messaging, posts and video calling. We’ve identified six attributes that are critical to building connected organizations, and which act as the cornerstones for digital transform initiatives.

They are:

  • Open – Open communication drives cultural change by breaking down organizational silos, enabling teamwork and company-wide communication.
  • Mobile – Mobile tools meet the needs of a changing workforce. Instant messaging and chatbots make mobile work lighter weight and more delightful.
  • Visual – Video is the new natural language of mobile. Live video makes leadership teams more accessible and engaging. 
  • Integrated – The explosion of enterprise apps makes work more fragmented and less secure. Integration is critical to more productive teamwork.
  • Ubiquitous – Connecting everybody across an organization will give all employees a voice, driving productivity and performance gains.
  • Personalized – As the speed of information accelerates, personalization helps us understand what’s important while filtering out the noise.

Workplace delivers on these promises today, building connected organizations that are closer, faster and stronger.

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