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Humanizing Digital 2020 Shopping Expectations of U.S. Consumers

Case Study Published By: Zoovu Limited
Zoovu Limited
Published:  Mar 20, 2019
Type:  Case Study
Length:  16 pages

Donít get me wrong Ė several aspects of life are much easier now thanks to the existence of the internet and digital technologies. People can jump between mobile, tablet, and desktop to search for vital information. They can read blogs, listen to podcasts, stream their favorite TV shows and keep in touch with people they careabout via social media.

And it lets people shop, anytime and anywhere.

The myriad of options available to todayís consumers allows them to visit the websites of numerous vendors and explore countless products. This is where things begin to get complicated - for shoppers and businesses:

While itís true to say that humans like choice, its omnipresence is quickly turning into noise. Without appropriate assistance and guidance, consumers are feeling overwhelmed, anxious and unable to make confident decisions.

And, overwhelmed and indecisive customers rarely buy.

The digitization of our daily lives in combination with growing choice - and noise - has given rise to a new set of challenges for businesses.

Firstly, how to leverage intelligent data to stand out and attract the right customers, and secondly, how to reduce friction, personalize and simplify the customer journey so as to encourage purchases from said customers?

It presents a great opportunity for innovative, forward-thinking businesses.

By 2020, three decades after the World Wide Web has been invented, the digital technology revolution will have significantly changed business and all our lives.

Companies that understand the challenges people face in a digital world and use this insight to improve their experiences facilitate a mutually beneficial relationship. Businesses not only have to make interactions with customers faster and more convenient, but also more human-centric, personalized, empathetic and understanding.

Only when the customer feels valued, the business can count on a loyal, engaged and lucrative patron.

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