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Simplifying Storage Infrastructure for Competitive Efficient IT

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Published:  Jan 15, 2019
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IT environments continue to become more complex. Growing data footprint, increasing number of applications, and accelerating demands of users drive IT administrators to make old infrastructures and architectures work in new ways, often in ways they weren’t intended or are not suited.

Modern applications have quick lifecycles. They are usually deployed on VMs and are increasingly deployed on containers and serverless architectures. New development and deployment methodologies require infrastructure to be deployed flexibly, often as a service, frequently in an automated fashion. These new realities also contribute to the rapid growth of the data footprint. Fast development results in more copies being created to support faster test and dev cycles. And of course, different use cases require data to be accessed in new and different ways.

The bottlenecks are shifting. Fast in-memory storage, high-speed networks and powerful processors make most performance challenges in the enterprise a thing of the past. Now increased complexity and reduced agility are leading to slow delivery of storage services.

Modern IT requires innovative and scalable storage infrastructure solutions that bring on the premises the same agility, flexibility and variety of the public cloud, without giving up on predictable and consistent performance, or the high availability necessary to run most enterprise applications. All of this is needed while granting seamless application portability and combining private and public resources to get the best of the two worlds when necessary, in a hybrid cloud fashion.

During this on-demand GigaOm webinar, viewers will learn:

  • Why Infrastructure simplicity wins
  • Comparing block, file, object  
  • The benefits of end-to-end solutions and storage consolidation
  • Hybrid cloud, how to leverage the best of the two worlds

The webinar is designed to inform and educate companies that are considering innovative solutions for their cloud strategy, giving both technical and business perspectives on the covered topics, about how next-generation two-tier storage infrastructures can meet cost-conscious agility and flexibility across multiple clouds

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