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The Rise of the Secure Internet Gateway

White Paper Published By: Cisco Umbrella EMEA
Cisco Umbrella EMEA
Published:  Dec 03, 2018
Type:  White Paper

Your users, especially when working outside of the office, no longer need to always connect to the corporate network to get work done. They often connect directly to SaaS apps. And, letís face it, employees also donít turn on the VPN if theyíre using their work laptop for personal use ó which means theyíre left with very little security protection.

Plus, many organizations are now using direct internet connections at branch offices, which means employees and guest users donít get the protection of your traditional security stack. Not only are more offices connecting directly to the internet ó itís estimated that 70% of branch offices already have some direct internet access ó but attackers recognize these weak points in their targets and have started exploiting them more.

To solve these new challenges, security controls must also shift to the cloud. This in-depth white paper describes how security must evolve to protect users anywhere they access the internet.

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