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The Fourth Industrial Revolution in Insurance Webinar Recording

Webinar Published By: TIBCO Software
TIBCO Software
Published:  Nov 12, 2018
Type:  Webinar

The insurance industry stands on the precipice of change, with waves of innovation and disruption driving new possibilities across all departments, including pricing, underwriting, claims, and fraud.

This webinar recording of a live panel debate is ideal for insurance professionals wanting to understand how best to unlock the possibilities created by advanced analytical techniques such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and others.

This TIBCO and Marketforce webinar on “The Fourth Industrial Revolution in Insurance” includes speakers Ian Thompson, chief claims officer at Zurich; David Williams, chief underwriting officer at AXA; and Clare Lunn, GI fraud director at LV=.  The panel discusses:

  • Moving towards the algorithmic insurer: the opportunities created by AI and ML
  • How insurers can become more agile in the face of new innovations and disruptive technologies
  • How the industry can turn structured and unstructured data into insights

The webinar is a must for those managing or leading customer experience, innovation, and digital initiatives within the insurance industry.

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agile insurance, customer experience, digital initiatives, analytical techniques