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Build Engaging Applications with Salesforce Heroku and AWS

Webinar Published By: AWS
Published:  Aug 06, 2018
Type:  Webinar

Organizations are using IoT to transform both internal- and customer-facing processes. However, it is difficult to add significant value without business intelligence, contextualization, and a platform that is accessible to business users. Salesforce IoT and AWS IoT enable you to securely connect a network of devices to your CRM to automate smart actions based on specific events. Easily build orchestrations using clicks, not code.

Register for our on-demand webinar to learn how AWS and Salesforce can help you implement proactive services to drive customer satisfaction, using their joint IoT solution: file service cases before customers experience product issues, notify sales reps of upsell opportunities the moment they occur, engage devices in marketing automation, and much more.

Join us to Learn:
  • How to easily orchestrate rules for any device state
  • How to leverage and enrich CRM data with your IoT efforts
  • How to proactively connect and serve your customers

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