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VIAVI Data Center Case Study & Test Guide

White Paper Published By: Butler Technologies
Butler Technologies
Published:  Jul 03, 2018
Type:  White Paper
Length:  14 pages

Data centers have become the epicenters of the digital world, and thus continue to grow in speed, complexity, and importance. Whether an efficiently-run data center is a means to deliver a service, e.g an Internet Content Provider (ICP), or if the data center is the primary business, e.g. a multi-tenant data center (MTDC) - testing is a critical element in meeting customer SLAs and/ or internal performance objectives.

In a modern data center, there are thousands of links, cables, transponders, and connections, or put frankly - potential points of failure. With limited resources, where do you test?

Download this to read about some key test use cases for data center operators.

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