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5 Digital Mistakes Retailers Continue to Make

White Paper Published By: Applause Israel
Applause Israel
Published:  Jun 19, 2018
Type:  White Paper
Length:  14 pages

A study by UPS and comScore found that 53% of shoppers who donít use retailersí mobile apps state itís because they like using the website better. These shoppers see no benefit from installing these apps, as they provide an inferior experience with no added benefits. Looking at the Apple and Google Play App Stores, a large amount of retailers have apps with very few reviews, and some donít even have a mobile app. Another problem is the performance of retail apps. 61% consumers expect an app to load in under 4 seconds according to research by Dynatrace.

In its study, only one retailer made it under that threshold. And that is just purely opening the app. What is the experience once consumers get past that point?

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