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The Opportunity of Real World Data

White Paper Published By: MarkLogic
Published:  May 07, 2018
Type:  White Paper
Length:  15 pages

It’s your golden opportunity: Rapidly integrate and harmonize data silos. Enhance drug discovery. Achieve faster time to insight. Get to market faster — all with less cost than you think.

Explore how Life Sciences organizations can accelerate Real World Evidence (RWE) in a comprehensive and cost efficient manner. Download this white paper to learn about challenges, solutions and most importantly — how to equip your organization for success. It covers:

  • Executive Summary
  • Real World Evidence: A Critical Complement to RCT's
    • Payers and Providers
    • Drug and Medical Device Manufacturers
    • Patients
  • The Challenges of Real World Data
    • Disparate Data Silos and Multi-Structured Content
    • Data Governance and Security Issues
    • Slow Search and Limited Data Analysis
  • Real World Data Platform Requirements
    • Rapid Data Integration and Harmonization
    • Data Governance, Privacy and Quality Assurance
    • Faster Time to Insight
  • MarkLogic’s Database Platform Advances Real World Evidence
  • Customer Use Case
    • A Metadata Catalog for a Fortune 50 Company

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