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Global deduplication for encrypted data

White Paper Published By: Carbonite
Published:  Apr 09, 2018
Type:  White Paper
Length:  6 pages

Global data deduplication provides important benefits over traditional deduplication processes because it removes redundant data through entire enterprises, not just single devices. Global deduplication increases the data deduplication ratio—the size of the original data measured against the size of the data store after redundancies are removed.

This helps reduce the amount of storage required at a time when businesses face exponential storage growth.
Chief benefits of global deduplication include:

• Reductions in storage of up to 60%
• The most optimal deduplication ratio
• Enterprise-wide reach
• Massive reductions in backup-related WAN traffic

By shrinking storage capacity needs, data deduplication can cut storage costs quickly. At the same time, businesses today need to access and utilize their data in real time, making the most recent and relevant information available. By eliminating redundant data, deduplication technology makes it simpler for data to be managed across various business units and geographic regions.

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