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Five Things to Look for When Evaluating a Clinical Decision Tool

Webinar Published By: IBM Watson Health
IBM Watson Health
Published:  Dec 11, 2017
Type:  Webinar

Clinical decision support solutions are critical to delivering quality care, but how do you know which tools are most effective? In this brief video, David Bordewyk, national director for clinical solutions at Truven Health, explains five considerations to use while evaluating current or prospective solutions. First, the tool should provide evidence-based, actionable recommendations. Learn how to determine whether thatís the case, as well as how to identify tools that provide comprehensive information without gaps, information thatís consistent and comes from a single source, and information thatís easy to find and access. Additionally, the tool should provide access from multiple types of devices and the vendor should offer ongoing training and support. The best vendors will provide not only initial user training, but also ongoing clinical and technical support in order to help providers use data to optimize care.

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