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How to Build a DDoS Response Plan

White Paper Published By: Incapsula
Published:  Nov 06, 2017
Type:  White Paper
Length:  9 pages

Youíve probably heard about distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, or maybe youíve even been hit by one. If youíre like most organizations, youíve already been DDoSed. Perhaps the attack was minor, a wakeup call, but then the attack subsided without causing damage and you just left DDoS protection on your ďto-do list.Ē
If you donít have a DDoS attack plan, itís probably time to bump it up to the top of your list. Thatís because DDoS attacks are getting bigger, persistent, and more harmful. They inflict serious cost in terms of lost revenue, damaged systems and lost consumer trust. DDoS is no longer just a web server problem; infrastructure is now a target. The attackerís ambition is clear: Take down your online existence and harm your organization.

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