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Is your organization digitally transforming or stuck in neutral?

White Paper Published By: OnBase by Hyland
OnBase by Hyland
Published:  Jun 26, 2017
Type:  White Paper
Length:  35 pages

How far along is your organization on the journey toward digital transformation? AIIM’s Information Management: State of the Industry 2017 report highlights the current state of the industry and how different information management strategies support progress toward digital and business transformation. Include these valuable insights when considering your go-forward IT strategy.
Download the report to explore new research findings, including:

  • How 24 percent of respondents have achieved many “completely digital” processes
  • The key drivers toward digitally transforming business operations
  • Why digital transformation involves more than just technology (hint: 71 percent indicate that governance has an important role, especially where cloud use is concerned) 
Find out where your organization stands, and put your digital transformation in drive.

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