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Three key levers that play a crucial role in the success of the Chief Learning Officer

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Published:  Jun 01, 2017
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With the global spend on training reaching $180 billion, the pressure is on CLOs and leaders of learning organizations like yourself, but with so many possible metrics to measure, where should you focus? 

Infopro Learning has reduced the most important metrics across a L&D organization to three core levers; transforming the business performance of learners, creating learning experiences that engage learners, and improving the operational efficiency of the organization.  If you center your L&D organization around these three levers, you will have an organization that wins across all metrics that business cares about. 

To begin, if you can transform the business performance of learners, that completely changes the landscape of your L&D organization in the eyes of the business leaders.  You will be directly impacting revenue, productions costs, net promoter score, and other key metrics that a business measures.

Focusing on the learning experience, and not just a single learning program, helps to unite all learning communication across your organization and promotes the brand value which organizations hold in the highest regard.  In more black and white terms, if you can improve the learning experience, you increase the consumption of your learning content, which decreases your cost per hour of training delivered.

Speaking of cutting costs, that brings us to the last point of bringing operational efficiency to your L&D department.  One quick win for leaders of these departments is to outsource those activities which are not bringing any competitive edge back into the organization.  For example, many companies are starting to outsource the training administration arm of their organizations because finding and managing the calendar of training resources across all 50 states, and countless countries, is something the organization doesn’t want to invest all their time doing. 

Improving business performance, the learning experience, and operational efficiency of the L&D department are the three core levers of success for any success CLO and leader of a learning organization.  Download The Three Levers of a Successful CLO to take the first step in aligning yourself with the three levers that business find most important.

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