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5 Reasons to Move to BoldChat

White Paper Published By: LogMeIn
Published:  May 31, 2016
Type:  White Paper
Length:  8 pages

LivePersonís forced migration to the LiveEngage platform has businesses like yours re-examining their live chat options. Given the painful relationship theyíve endured with LivePerson, many customers are wary, and they want to make sure that they make the right move. Itís time for a chat solution that puts customers first. With BoldChat, customers can create a more tailored chat experience for better results, including:

  • Greater control and flexibility to easily customize their chat implementation, creating an experience thatís uniquely theirs.
  • The ability to seamlessly move a customer from one channel to the next without losing the context of the conversation, resulting in a frictionless experience for their customers, while also making their agents more efficient and knowledgeable.
  • A trusted partner thatís easy to do business with and offers an easy to implement solution thatís intuitive for their agents to use.

Companies like Dun & Bradstreet, Web.com, Amica, the Vitamin Shoppe and Capella University have made the move from LivePerson to BoldChat. What do they know that you should?

*** Based on a comparison test of BoldChat and LivePerson's LiveEngage platform conducted by QualiTest in March 2016.

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