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Trend Brief - Five Mobility Trends

White Paper Published By: VMware AirWatch
VMware AirWatch
Published:  May 19, 2016
Type:  White Paper
Length:  5 pages

We work at home. We take conference calls in the backseat of a taxi. We even tap out emails from 30,000 feet. Mobility is radically redefining the way we work, because itís redefining where and when we can work. Itís why Keith Perske, executive managing director of workplace innovation for Collierís, thinks itís time to adopt a new description of the workplace: ďTodayís workplace is an integrated set of locations, technology, programs and work practices that connect people and enable employees to contribute and be productive. Thatís the new workplace definition.Ē 

And with the emergence of this modern workplace, users are expecting a mobile experience thatís simple, convenient, and a boon to their productivity. In order to deliver on these expectations, IT organizations are making business mobility a priority in their investment decisions. Which is why weíve identified five potent mobility trends that warrant attention and also present opportunities to transform the enterprise:

ē Transition from mobile device management (MDM) to enterprise mobility management (EMM)

ē Elevated concerns for corporate security and end-user privacy

ē Rise in deployment of mission-critical applications to serve mobile users

ē Increasing use of analytics tools to enhance productivity and performance

ē Evolution of mobile cloud platforms to accelerate application development/innovation.

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