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The Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide for Online Payments Systems

White Paper Published By: Zooz Payments
Zooz Payments
Published:  Feb 11, 2016
Type:  White Paper
Length:  10 pages

Not that long ago, a retailer could do well by running a modest but well-stocked brick-and-mortar shop on Main Street, accepting cash, checks and, eventually, credit cards for payments, while keeping hardcopy bookkeeping and inventory records. Due to the dynamic nature of the modern retail industry, merchants aspiring to maintain a competitive edge face a wide range of hurdles from shopping cart abandonment and multi channel optimization, to fraud, tax calculation and dynamic currency conversion. 

This comprehensive eBook reviews the merchant’s top considerations before implementing a payments system.

Download this paper to find out the reason why online professionals should invest in the development of an in-house solution or acquire existing third-party technology.

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