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Examining the Hidden Costs of Fatigue

White Paper Published By: WFS Australia
WFS Australia
Published:  Dec 02, 2015
Type:  White Paper
Length:  10 pages

A tired worker threatens not only the safety of employees but also the productivity, efficiency and mental health of the workforce. Working whilst fatigued has been shown to be the equivalent of working whilst intoxicated by alcohol or other drugs. It can impact productivity, judgement and risk-taking behaviours, and create a temptation for workers to cut corners, as witnessed in the Mona Vale incident.

Fatigue management also delivers business benefits in terms of your overall workforce management strategy, whether it is an expected function of the business or not. Mitigating fatigue risk can have a dramatic impact on your workforce and your bottom line. Proactively managing employee fatigue is a hallmark of leading businesses, as it demonstrates concern for your employees, customers and the larger community.

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