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5 Questions about loT You Were Too Embarrassed to Ask

White Paper Published By: Aditi
Published:  Jun 11, 2015
Type:  White Paper
Length:  4 pages

Your mobile device is speaking to your garage door. Your alarm is telling your coffee maker you are up and itís time to get that caffeine kick going. Your car is dropping your thermostat a message, telling it to keep the house warm before you step in. This isnít a quote from an Issac Asimov novel, itís the reality of how the Internet of Things is making a difference to our lives. 

Most of us are consciously making the shift to a connected world, while at home or at work. While this has caught the public imagination, enterprises are chasing to fulfil their Internet-of-Things-ambitions and transform their customer experience. 

In this e-book we aim to address the 5 fundamental questions that one should not hesitate to ask about your foray into the world of Internet of Things, while telling you how it can reshape your business.

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