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Data Security: Protecting the Endpoint

White Paper Published By: Dell
Published:  May 04, 2015
Type:  White Paper
Length:  1 pages

Bring your own device and mobile computing are growing rapidly, but companies are not doing enough to protect their users, data, and networks from an equally fast-growing array of cyberthreats.

Chances are, you’re viewing this on a laptop or tablet. Research shows that BYOD and mobility are spreading rapidly among companies of all sizes, but the security measures needed to protect these endpoints – and the critical data stored on them – are lagging behind.

This infographic includes results from a 2015 survey conducted exclusively for CBS Interactive and illustrates:

• The top-ranked security threats of 2014

• The percentage of companies adopting mobile security technology

• The most popular data protection methods

• What to look for in a comprehensive data protection solution

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