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2014 Top Insights for Marketing Executives

White Paper Published By: CEB
Published:  Nov 24, 2014
Type:  White Paper
Length:  43 pages

Consumer preferences and trends are rapidly evolving. Faced with an "always on" marketplace where consumers are logged on and tuned in 24/7 and demanding higher levels of service through a more digital experience, brands are struggling to authentically participate in the conversation and are losing ground. Making matters worse, these changes are driven by a massive generation that is notoriously difficult to engage.

Winning consumers over today requires building new capabilities that make brands more agile and provides deeper, more intimate knowledge of buyers. Organizations need to tap into the core values that resonate across this highly varied spectrum of consumers.

Leading organizations are re-wiring their systems to focus efforts on sparking and steering conversation narratives that tie to the values the brand shares with their consumers.

Learn the five critical areas of change that have significant implications for organizations around the globe, and how CEB is supporting marketing executives and their teams to address these challenges.

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