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PCI DSS Reporting Whitepaper

White Paper Published By: Alert Logic and Rackspace
Alert Logic and Rackspace
Published:  Jun 20, 2014
Type:  White Paper
Length:  15 pages

With large data breaches affecting retailers in 2013 and the PCI DSS 3.0 January 1, 2015 deadline approaching, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is an important topic for many organizations in 2014. PCI DSS requirements can be challenging to meet from a time, resources and cost perspective. Requirements 6, 10 and 11 can be some of the most costly and resource intensive, requiring log management, vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection and a web application firewall. Alert Logic delivers solutions to meet these and other PCI DSS requirements. As the security industry’s only provider of on-demand log management, threat management, web application security, and IT compliance automation solutions, Alert Logic provides organizations with the easiest and most affordable way to secure their networks and comply with policies and regulations.

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