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Happy Candidates = Happy Recruiters: Improving the Candidate Experience

Webinar Published By: iCims
Published:  Oct 02, 2015
Type:  Webinar

How does your company value the ease of use in your current recruitment system? Do candidates have to suffer through a long process, including completing forms for information that is on their resume? Donít lose quality candidates because of a broken process!

iCIMS Recruit allows a simple and direct approach to the candidate experience. Allow recruits to see all open jobs in a fully-branded career portal hosted by iCIMS. Next, they can easily upload their resume and apply to a job (if you choose, they can use their social media profile to populate fields such as name, phone number etc). From there, automatically set up a thank you for applying email or a time delayed rejection letter if they donít have the required skills (based on screening questions which you customize!).

Learn how iCIMS Recruit can make happy candidates and recruiters by simplifying the hiring process and reducing the time needed to complete tasks. To find out more, view our webinar and see how your organization can benefit from using iCIMSí innovative technology! 

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