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Planning for 2014: Reporting, Analytics, & Metrics in HR

Webinar Published By: iCims
Published:  Dec 29, 2014
Type:  Webinar

Is your organization ready for recruiting success in 2014? How would you define recruiting success? Itís difficult to see how well you have done to fill your open positions if you donít have benchmark statistics on your recruiters, sources and 3rd party agencies.

By leveraging the iCIMS Talent Platform, not only can you report on all the data in your system (including but not limited to source of hire, time to fill, source hire rates, etc), but you can easily manage submitted resumes, open jobs, interview scheduling and much more!

By utilizing a software system provider like iCIMS, give recruiters the tools they need to source, contact and hire the best talent while tracking the effectiveness of your hiring sources. View iCIMSí recorded webcast to see the functionality of HR technology and how it can help your organization.

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