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UC Solutions Are Only of Value if End-Users Actually Use Them

White Paper Published By: Plantronics
Published:  Oct 18, 2013
Type:  White Paper
Length:  8 pages

In the business world, the convergence of voice and data – as well as video and mobility – has evolved into unified communications, an enabler that is difficult to pigeonhole. Encompassing voice, data, video, mobility, and more, it can be located on site or it can be delivered/hosted from the “cloud”. Most important, UC ensures that information is available and people are reachable anytime, anywhere on almost any device of their choosing. 
And there we have the magic phrase – “end-points” – or in other words, what the enduser uses for their communication. Whether its an IP handset, mobile device, wireless headset, soft phone or other devices, the benefits that UC can deliver are only possible if the end-user makes use of them.

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