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Return of the CIO

White Paper Published By: Kaseya
Published:  Apr 04, 2013
Type:  White Paper
Length:  6 pages

The role of the CIO has become stagnant over the past few years. As the cost of IT continues to rise and the connection between IT maintenance and revenue streams grow more divergent, CIOs are finding that their voice in the boardroom is losing its impact, effectively marginalizing the position. According to CIO Magazine (2011), only 10 percent of CIOs at Fortune 500 companies rise to the next level, the CIO is the least appreciated of the CXO roles and that a whopping 23 percent are eventually fired.

However, some CIOs are transforming IT from a largely operational function to a more strategic role, engaging with users and senior management to change the perception of IT and better align with business goals.

This white paper will discuss:
-The current role of the IT department as it relates to the rest of the business
-The importance of users' perception of IT
-Tried and true methods to shift from an operational IT organization to a strategic IT organization

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