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Reduce Complexity and Accelerate Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure Deployments - A Business White pape

White Paper Published By: Oracle Corp.
Oracle Corp.
Published:  Mar 05, 2013
Type:  White Paper
Length:  26 pages

To reap the full benefits of cloud computing, the IT infrastructure must run efficiently. Many organizations, however, are operating an IT infrastructure that has been cobbled together over time and is based on disparate technologies that often are aging, labor intensive to maintain, and difficult to adapt to changing workloads. Upgrading the IT infrastructure to support the latest cloud computing technologies can be a big undertaking. IT organizations often spend multiple weeks to plan, architect, troubleshoot, and deploy a multivendor virtualization infrastructure. Deployment teams must assemble and integrate a range of hardware and software components from different vendors (e.g., servers, storage, network, virtualization software, and operating systems). The process is not only time consuming but also error prone, making it hard to achieve a timely and profitable return on investment. Complex integration models can expose even the most carefully planned deployments to unforeseen risks such as implementation and testing delays, service downtime, costly upgrades, or inefficient system performance. The Oracle Optimized Solution for Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure on SPARC offers a much simpler approach that speeds deployment and reduces risk. It is a single-vendor solution for the entire hardware and software stack from application to disk, and it can be deployed in just 2 days compared to 10 days using a traditional approach. This optimized solution has gone through extensive testing at Oracle, resulting in a pretested, pre-optimized, validated configuration that can significantly reduce testing time as well as the time-consuming effort of determining a stable configuration.

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