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3 Steps to Accelerated Engagement: The LSI Success story

Webinar Published By: Globoforce
Published:  Oct 02, 2012
Type:  Webinar

Storage. Networking. Accelerated. That's LSI Corporation's three-step tagline, and it's not only at the core of their semiconductor and software product offering, but also the foundation of their business philosophy.

When the company's own acceleration was being slowed by a sluggish corporate culture, LSI put together a team to tackle the problem head on, and used those three principles to drive success:

  • Storage: They did a corporate inventory, built consensus, and found the internal resources to support change.
  • Networking: They gathered data, built a team, researched and defined their solution, then reached out to find the right partner to help realize it.
  • Accelerated: They implemented a recognition program that quickly energized and engaged their global workforce - with 900+ awards in the first 30 days!

Watch the webinar now to learn the story of how LSI created its Catch the Spark program, migrating in just three steps to a recognition program that would nearly double its reach and effectiveness.

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