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Running Enterprise VoIP Hosted PBX Operations

White Paper Published By: VoIP Logic
VoIP Logic
Published:  Sep 11, 2012
Type:  White Paper
Length:  14 pages

If you are an Enterprise VoIP carrier, or for that matter, any business interested
in selling advanced voice services like Call/Contact Center or Hosted PBX (a
traditional telecom carrier, IT Service, Data Services, ISP or telephone
equipment manufacturer) you must build and maintain extensive operations
infrastructure and operations expertise in your organization. The purpose of
this White Paper is to bring structure and method to your approach to Enterprise
VoIP operations. While it is complex to launch a new service offering, there are technologies and options available today that make the process easier than ever.

Table of Contents

Running Operations as an Enterprise VoIP Hosted PBX
service provider: What you need to Know

1. Working with Network Providers
2. Web Portals & OSS
3. Core Telephony Infrastructure
4. Customer Support
5. Tax and Regulatory
6. Billing and BSS
7. Telephony Service Features

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