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Business Rules in Banking: Improve Performance by Connecting Decisions

White Paper Published By: FICO
Published:  Aug 27, 2012
Type:  White Paper
Length:  3 pages

Banks and other financial institutions that that combine business process with business rules create a distinct competitive advantage. By institutionalizing the rapid distribution of information enterprise-wide, they are able to make intelligent, timely decisions that improve operational performance and enhance customer relationships.

Implementing best practices in business rules management in the surest way to empower your employees to make fast decisions to serve customers and enhance your bank's financials.

In this white paper, FICO shares best practices and real-life examples of how the world's leading banks have leveraged business rules management and the ROI they've achieved. You'll learn the best candidates for a pilot project that can bring fast, near-term ROI.

You'll also learn how business rules management works with business process management to create a powerful, scalable solution that both automates business processes and the high volume decisions that are made within those processes.

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