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Driving Profitable Decisions with Business Rules Management

White Paper Published By: FICO
Published:  Aug 27, 2012
Type:  White Paper
Length:  21 pages

Business rules management systems (BRMS) help organizations efficiently develop, execute, and maintain their business rules in a centralized environment.  With sophisticated BRMS technology, a business can greatly improve the effectiveness, agility, and consistency of the decisions it makes across the enterprise.  

The decisions that businesses need to make are often based on highly complex factors. These factors may change frequently, which challenges the organization to respond quickly or risk making decisions that reduce profitability.  

This white paper explains how a BRMS helps businesses make profitable decisions.  Learn about:  

·How these solutions work
·How a BRMS differs from other solutions such as business process management and workflow solutions
·The types of business problems that companies in a broad variety of industries are using business rules management to solve
·What to look for when evaluating a BRMS
·How giving non-technical business experts the ability to use and manage the system is a key to achieving success
·The keys to a successful and profitable BRMS initiative in your organization
·How to calculate the return-on-investment from your BRMS implementation.

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