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Virtual Marketing Tools Deliver Compelling Trade Show Experiences

White Paper Published By: Kaon
Published:  Mar 24, 2012
Type:  White Paper
Length:  6 pages

From the CMO down, marketers are always challenged to do more with less across multichannels, including trade shows. Virtual marketing technologies engage booth prospects and enable them to show virtual products in an interactive way. This also reduces costs by eliminating the need to ship products and printed materials.  

In this white paper, learn how virtual product demonstrations at trade shows allow marketers to...

  • Create show stopping demonstrations that WOW attendees
  • Increase product accessibility and eliminate product shipping costs
  • Better engage prospects and increase time spent interacting in booth
  • Provide booth attendees with relevant information at a moment's notice
  • Clearly communicate how products solve business challenges
  • Look 'under-the-hood' to uncover hidden product features and benefits

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