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Don't Just Find a Customer, KEEP Them!

White Paper Published By: Cartera Commerce
Cartera Commerce
Published:  Mar 21, 2012
Type:  White Paper
Length:  11 pages

As you look to optimize your marketing reach and effectiveness, the options seem limitless. Consumer buying behavior has changed. The deal-first shopper makes acquiring new customers an initial challenge and maintaining their loyalty a close second.

This ebook for local merchants explores the role of your marketing efforts:

  • Changing Consumer Patterns
  • Targeted and Measurable Marketing Objectives
  • Speaking in Your Customer's Preferred Currency
  • Acquisition and Retention Strategies

Learn how card-linked offers allow you to target, track and only pay after a sale is made. With upfront marketing costs covered by the payment and loyalty programs that are promoting your business and marketing reach to 60 million active shoppers, card-linked offers may help you optimize your marketing effectiveness. Get your free copy of "Card-Linked Offers and the Local Merchant" today.

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